Artist For Hire

Non-Profit/Social | Small Business/Private** | Corporate
High Quality Visuals
½ Day Rate**  |  $250+

Capture your story, your look—how do you want to be seen? Photoshoot includes up to 20 custom edited pictures. 

Simple video includes basic edits, titles, color grading, and mastered audio.

Perfomances & Creative Projects

Che shares his music, visual art and stories for an enjoyable, inspiring and memorable experience, as a guest speaker and performer at local venues, schools, universities and community events.


Che can also be your creative medium and help bring your vision to life, through captivating visuals, unique sounds and impactful narratives..  

Lettuce Talk
Creative Video + 
Sound Design
½ Day Rate**  |  $500+

Tell your story, share your message, demonstrate your purpose with an impactful, creative, custom-designed video. Ideal for businesses, non-profits, brand campaigns, as well as, community events, artists, music videos, propaganda and more!  :D